One of the most anticipated cabaret series in years, Nicholas Gorham's Mama Said Sparkle!! follows in the eclecticly grand tradition of Haoui Montaug & Anita Sarko's legendary No Entiendes cabaret at Danceteria in the 80's. A self described Cultural Landscaper, actor/performance artist Gorham says his monthly cabaret @ The Spectrum, Brooklyn hipsters coolest underground club/performance space/gallery of the moment, "gives the performers more time than usual to do their thing." Gorham's thing is to effortlessly segue between hyper masculine & surrealist femenine mystiques, often mixing both element in a correct balance of butch/queen/banjie child realness. Stand-out guest stars include performers Enid Ellen & Nath Ann Carrera. His recent writers edition hosted by downtown spoken word legend Max Steele recalled the early days of the Verbal Abuse reading series at Jackie 60 in the 90's. NYC nightlife is definitely witnessing a revival of early club periods that continue to inspire & influence today.

The Spectrum –

Nicholas Gorham –

Photographs by Walt Cessna. I Cock NY T-shirt by Pierrot