Ancient History – 1985 DP design in PAPER Magazine


Nn1985 DP in Paper Magazine
Dear Shaded Viewers,

The world is beyond small. I hardly have any traces of my work as a fashion designer in New York and this season after the Miu Miu show I saw Bobby Lee, one of the photographers documented in Where the Girls Are by Salome Oggenfuss, and he told me that he was friends with the hat designer Sherry Vigdor and when he was with her he was looking through her press and happened upon this image of my clothes with her hat that was in Paper Magazine in 1985. Bobby sent Salome the image and she forwarded onto me. Sweet. Thank you both.  I remember Dovannah wearing my zebra outfit in my show.

Dovanna in Diane Pernet circa 1984 photo by J. Henry Fair
1984/85 Dovanna in my show photo by Henry Fair

You also had the option of a short skirt or a long narrow one.



Diane Pernet

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