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I was never really much a fan of VICE magazine in its printed incantation but (as I mentioned in a previous post of their interview of Kenneth Anger) their video content and interviews are getting quite good. I found this investigative doc about Olympics, which for our London viewers I am sure this is all old news, but might be eye opening for others outside. Not exactly the kind of reporting being done on major networks in the States or in Europe. Notice how freaky the robotic missile launchers look with the built in sensors …





The strange/unfortunate thing is I wanted to post a clip of the opening ceremony with this doc , but its impossible to find. With in the past days since friday, the powers that be have meticulously had all of the clips removed. Only to sell dvds later ? Isn't this an event that the whole world is suppose to celebrate and enjoy ? Or just another excuse to sell more useless crap to people ?