‘Cloud Atlas’ Directors’ Introduction

For those of you who have seen the trailer for CA (re-posted here on ASVOFF from PURE FILM CREATIVE a couple of days ago and which already seems to be all over the interest) and have also followed the transformation of Larry Wachowski (THE MATRIX) to Lana, this "introduction" may be interesting. Aside from peoples curiosity about Lana (which Warner Bros. must have felt the need to "officially address" with the production of this clip as a media "preemptive strike" of sorts), the trailer looks very intriguing (even though I personally find Tom Hanks to be one of the most annoying personalities in hollywood history). The clip I have posted below featuring the 3 directors of CA and their explanation of how the film came about, which after watching made me even more curious about the film. I guess we will have to wait but for now :

"Based on the award-winning book of the same name, the juxtaposed storylines depicted in "Cloud Atlas" seemed to require its three helmers: Tom Tykwer (" Run Lola Run"), Andy Wachowski and his now-sister Lana Wachowski (both wrote and directed " The Matrix" franchise).

Formerly known as the "Wachowski Brothers," half-comprised of Larry Wachowski — Larry is now Lana. Lana has been "quietly transitioning genders" over the past decade, according to the L.A. Times. Rumors around Lana Wachowski's sexuality and gender identity have been swirling for nearly a decade. According to reports, she has undergone gender reassignment surgery and has identified herself as "Lana" — in varying frequency — for quite some time."




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