Memory Lane_ by Graham Tabor from 2007 YOU KNOW YOUR IN MIAMI WHEN…….ART BASEL MIAMI, PART 1

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was looking for a post today and fell upon this report on Miami Basel from 3 years ago. I thought since it is now the 10th anniversary of Art Basel Miami that it would make sense to be a little nostalgic. Later, once I leave the Hotel Delano, I will take the virgin tour myself of Art Basel Miami.


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last weekend marked ART BASEL: MIAMI BEACH which is (according to festival head Sam Keller) the “biggest congregation of wealth and talent” in the US.

There is a nostalgics softness that pervades Miami Beach.  It makes one want to just sit about in the sun all day.  While due in no small part to the weather, it’s helped along by the incredible architectural geography of the area.  Collins ave is lined with restored iconic art deco buildings. 

Miamibeach2 Miamibeach1
The Delano and The National hotels                                                  The Royal Palm


Other then the art (of course), two things remain engraved in my mind from my visit to Miami.

1.  Just how plastic fantastic Miami really is.  (I went for lunch at a $5 dollar falafel place and every girl working in the place had fake boobs and the works.  Catherine went for a quick pre-party manicure and there wasn’t anything her nail technician hadn’t had redone…)

2.  The size of the swiss bureaucracy and the art industry machine.  There were dozens of other festivals and thousands of artists on display.  Many of the larger galleries at the Art Basel show sold out within the first few hours of the fair.  In their Miami Guide, Whitewall referred to it as “an unsurpassed feeding and collection frenzy”.



On Thursday night.  Le Barron hosted a party for FLY and ART+COMMERCE at their temporary home away from home-The Rock on Collins Ave.


Catherine on the terrace of our apartment and Stephen hand re-touching covers to display at the party
P1010078 P1010060_2

Part of the video presentation at le Barron
P1010065_2 P1010067
P1010073 P1010074



For Art Basel: Miami Beach, The Deitch Project and P.S.1 co-hoasted an open-air art space right on the beach.  They set up 16 orange truck containers, each of which were rented by a gallery.  The center piece of the space was a skate ramp called “CONCRETE WAVES” designed by Ryan McGInnis.  Assume Vivid Astro Focus curated a cinema series for the park to run the length of the fair.

The view from above                                                                CONCRETE WAVES
P1010092 P1010090
There was one small flaw in CONCRETE WAVES.  Because of the hump in the middle the skaters were kept from picking up enough speed to actually do any tricks.  The crowed seemed pretty please regardless.

A beautiful moment at the deitch container park was the instillation “Silent Sound” by gallerist Kate MacGarry.  Silent sound used special surround sound technology developed by Arup Acoustics to help architects hear how buildings will sound before they are built.  Within the gallery, they perfectly recreated a concert by the musician J.Spaceman (Spiritualized) performed in collaboration with artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.  The twist: a subliminal message known only to the artists was added to the recording.

Inside with the Arup machine.
P1010109 Spiritulized

The Galleria ZERO container.

The instillation at the Andersen_S Contemporary container
P1010100 P1010098

Galerie Kam presented works by Lorna Macintyer.


A knit instillation at Raster Gallery from Poland

P1010113 P1010116


More to Come,