‘Notre Petit Secret…’ Exhibition – Photography by Katrin Jakobsen


(c) Katrin Jakobsen

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Katrin Jakobsen's exhibit 'Notre Petit Secret…' (September 16 – November 5, 2011) is poignant for its sad beauty.  Held at the first art gallery devoted to social photography, Fait & Cause, her art explores the tragic world of child abuse.

(C) Katrin Jakobsen


(C) Katrin Jakobsen

Jakobsen's philanthropic pursuit was first ignited by the tragic death of two girls, Julie and Melissa, in 1996.  They were kidnapped by Marc Dutroux, raped repeatedly, and eventually died of hunger.  Ten years later, after a trip to Thailand and Cambodia, Jakobsen decided to create a project against the suffering of abused children.  Horrified by the images of emaciated bodies being sold for sex, she decided to present the cause in a way that wouldn't implicate her subject.  Instead, she designed clay sculptures in the form of dollhouses to capture the innocence and naivety of children that is lost through desperation.  She never shows a whole scene of victimization, as an effort to protect the abused and reach for empathy in her viewers.

(C) Katrin Jakobsen

Fait & Cause has hosted over 35 exhibitions since its 1997 inception, denouncing injustice, inequality and poverty.  'Notre Petit Secret…' is a simultaneously dark and beautiful portrayal of the destruction of innocence.  I urge you to visit the gallery to support Jakobsen's cause.

'Notre Petit Secret…' at FAIT&CAUSE gallery in association with Pour Que l'Esprit Vive



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