Daniel Trese Visits Bulgari In Bali

Dear Diane,

The trip to Bali from Los Angleles is neither easy nor brief. However, it does not take much imagination or much time after arriving on paradise island for the trials of transit to be a very distant consideration.









The Jeweler Bulgari has a property on Bali located on the southernmost peninsula of the island nearly 500 feet above the Indian Ocean which all but fills the eye from almost any point on property. Even if it means setting an alarm to ring before 6AM, sunrise is a fantastical visual experience worth waking up for.


























The resort has no "rooms" — only private villas, each with a plunge pool, an outdoor living room, and a unique view of the breathtaking horizon. 






































At the entrance to the hotel, there is an active HIndu temple, so built with the property for the employees to have a spiritual place of respite. As a tourist, I found the local culture of Bali to be plentiful when sought, though it is just as easy to ignore all that and stare at the ocean. The same can not be said for the property's "local residents," the macaques monkeys of Uluwatu. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one such very lovable resident approach my glass of water while I was by the pool, and run away with the lemon wedge in his hand.










There is a private beach accessible by only by inclinator. The ride is a thrill – through the jungle, straight down the bluff. At the end of the steep tracks, the gorgeous beach awaits.























































Daniel Trese