Daniel Trese interviews Mr. Will Lemon


Dear Diane,

Last evening, I caught up with Mr. Will Lemon at the Cooper Design Space in downtown Los Angeles. I am a great fan of Mr. Lemon's "skin printing" which has been featured on the likes of Marc Jacobs, Chloe Sevigny, and Lady Gaga. In person, Mr. Lemon is beyond charming with sweet sharp eyes. He was dressed head to toe in dashing Moon Spoon Saloon and sat for a few pictures as the sun went down.

Why do you live in LA?

"I came here for some design work with a jeans company and I felt for the first time in LA an extremely vital art scene where young communicators therein could afford to make work and live decently. The scene in NYC, god bless it, was being strangled by higher rents and an influx of banker salaries. It felt increasingly that the only people who could afford to live and make work full time were children of privilege, god bless them as well." 


How did you start "skin printing?"

"I invented it whilst thinking. I have a visual imagination and I can hallucinate on call. It helps greatly with most facets of my work."

I have seen a few images from your new clothing brand Elysian. It looks really seductive and exciting.

"It is shaping up to be a great print driven line of avant-garde but classy hosiery and silky simple silhouettes. Elysian is me, Jessica Trent and the brilliant Julie Deanda. We are a triangle of varying aesthetic skills and it has been great working with these talented women on this project.

What else are you working on?

"I am working on another art show that has an undetermined date and making some great music with my band called Parcifal. I haven't been excited about music like this since I was playing with Moon & Moon. That album by M & M is now available all through England. It is called VII Acts of an Iron King. You can hear the entire 7-act avant rock opera experience on the label's player at http://www.la-soc.com/moonandmoon.html. It is my opus about human conflict. There is an attached libretto and a block printed illustration for each song."

Moon & Moon is divine!

To check out more about Mr. Lemon have a look at his new site.