John Galliano

John Galliano, October 1987.

Courtesy of Chris J Parker Photographer


Dear John,

    This is my last piece for A Shaded View on Fashion and it's dedicated to you. To whom else could I dedicate this but you, my dear John? L'incroyable c'est toi! And what have they done to you? I do not wish to speak of them. This I dedicate to you, not them. Not those peacocks whose show must go on. They never deserved you. Neither I reserve the right to speak about a man, an all too human man, I've never met nor seen in this life. A legend second to none, and therefore incomprehensible to most. Perhaps to all of us. What do I know, and what do they know about you John? Nothing, nothing at all. All they know is judgement, and punishment. It takes a much greater man, a much greater society to forgive a man all too human, all too incomprehensible, and still alive.

    Yet, despite the fact that I've never met you, and despite the fact that I don't know who you are, there is one thing I do know because it was my heart who told me, under the most beautiful full moon. A rare vision, like your finest moment. Unrepeatable. My last shaded words.

    John I believe in you.