US Premiere of Bruce LaBruce’s “L.A. Zombie” in New York on Halloween night. By Glenn Belverio

Bruce LaBruce and LA ZOMBIE star Francois Sagat


Dear Shaded Viewers,

After much anticipation, New Yorkers finally got to lay their bloodshot eyeballs on L.A. ZOMBIE, the allegorical gay porno horror flick directed by my longtime Canadian pal Bruce LaBruce. Says Bruce: "The film is not for everyone. It is very challenging, very graphic. The alien zombie who is my lead character may or may not be a homeless schizophrenic, so the film obliquely addresses the current epidemic of homelessness in Los Angeles. The creature brings dead people back to life through sexual contact, resurrecting them. My film invokes and reinterprets the highly sexualized horror genre of cinema, which has been a major force in moviemaking in both Hollywood and Europe since the 1920s. It also refers to the ancient folk traditions of magic, ritual, and blood sacrifice."

What could be a more perfect film to watch on Halloween? A minor scandal did erupt minutes before the film was screened when it was announced that the venue–Drom on Avenue A in the East Village–refused to show the XXX hardcore version of the film…so the softcore version was shown instead. The film is no stranger to controversy: It was banned from the Melbourne International Film Festival when the Australian Film Classification Board denied permission for it to be screened. Banned in Australia and New York–that's quite a resume!

My friend, the culture critic and humanities professor Camille Paglia, had this to say about the film: "In 1965, the Quebec Surrealist Jean Beno