The Martus Maw presented by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld at Essex Meat Market in New York. Photos by Glenn Belverio


Above: The ridiculously handsome Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. His body just hangs off those cheekbones.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Nadine Johnson was kind enough to invite me to the opening of The Martus Maw, new paintings by Nicolas Pol presented by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. The champagne-soaked soiree took place Monday night at the old Essex Street Meat Market. The fashion people outnumbered the art-world people so instead of pseudo-academic smugness, the sweet stench of Tom Ford's White Musk and clinical narcissism hung in the air.


Perfectly coiffed heads turned when French Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Vladimir's mom, Carine Roitfeld (right) made an entrance with her date, Jean Paul Gaultier.


Nicolas Pol (above) is a 32-year-old painter who lives and works in Paris. He began exhibiting his work eight years ago. "Yes, I want to sell my paintings," he says. "I've been through the experience of the painter who needs to keep his paintings. Watching them rot on the spot. Dying of hunger." 

Another solution could be to just eat cats like the reclusive painter in Dario Argento's "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage."

Would Pol ever consider making a film, ala Julian Schnabel? "I did try filming, but I couldn't do it," he admits. "There are filmmakers who paint with their camera. I stayed in 'getting-my-hands-dirty' mode. I would need a camera that dribbles or vomits."

So what was the verdict from many of the attendees regarding the vomit, I mean paintings? Basquiat meets Pollock with a small slab of Bacon but maybe with prettier colors.





I liked the decrepit ceiling of the space; I thought it complemented the paintings nicely.

Thanks for reading.


Glenn Belverio