The High Life: On holiday at ‘Ne Bornada’ by Sameer Reddy

All summer I've been waiting for a proper vacation, the kind where you forget what day of the week it is, what you have to do when you get home, maybe even, if you really get into it (or drink enough wine), what your name is. (So far I've checked off the first and second, but I still know my name)


I'm visiting my friend, Agnieszka Lasota, and her family, at their second home in Palma de Mallorca. I've never been to Mallorca before – I had some images of a slightly seedy town in mind before I arrived, but nothing could be further from the truth. Agnieszka's home is located about 50 km from downtown Palma, in the gloriously still heart of the countryside. The house was designed by her husband, architect Gabriel Lisowski. The couple resides for most of the year in Warsaw, but they decamp to Mallorca each August, along with their two children, nanny, and assorted friends. It's the kind of European vacation that Americans don't have much experience with – we tend to take one, or at most two, weeks off at a time, thanks to a corporate system that doesn't usually afford much time off. 


Agnieszka is an accomplished artist and product designer – her work blurs the lines between these categories, challenging ideas about what each means. Her ongoing project, Furniture With Memory, was one of the best exhibits at the Salone furniture fair this year, and the massive electro-polarized glass-encased wooden pieces are due to be exhibited at the Charly Bailly gallery in Geneva this January. Eager to work with a different goal in mind, Agnieszka has now switched gears to produce a more commercially-accessible creation, the Wreath Project, a lamp inspired by a traditional Polish decoration. The lamp will soon be available at stores around the world and unveiled at an exhibition of Polish design at the Auction House Pierre Berge titled 'Design September' in Brussels.

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