Planning for ASVOFF 2


David Herman, Antoine Asseraf and Josiane Cristofoli

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Great plans for ASVOFF 2, more on that later. Josiane Cristofoli is helping us with the press and just found the perfect location for 3 days of the festival, you will have to wait a week or so for that news. What  I can tell you is that October 8th, ASVOFF was given  a carte blanche at the Centre Pompidou.


This space which for now will remain unnamed, is one of my favorite locations in all of Paris.

Antoine and dazed

After our meeting we went to pick up Rene Habermacher before joining our friend Carlos Carrillo aka Trendsetera, for dinner at Yen. Antoine enjoyed reading Marios Schawb in the 3D issue of Dazed and Confused.



All Diane's photos taken with a Samsung ST50

Diane Pernet

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