Rozalb de Mura FW 09/10 “Powder Cadillac 1B-2140 & Desert Twillight-photos by Silviu Pavel 6A – 3410”

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Rozalb de Mura FW09/10 collection is built around the colors of the future predicted in an imaginary research by famous color psychologist Max Luscher – an ironic take on the trend craze that dictates today's market. In 'Desert Twiglight 6A-3410 & Powder Cadillac 1B-2140', all the pieces follow the same itinerary with great precision: cutting, sewing, ironing, numbering plus the unexpected plunge into the bath tub. The men's items are in greenish-gray and the women's contrary to wintry expectaitions, in soft pink.

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The men's collection is a subtle continuation of the preceding one. All fabrics are 100% natural which gives them a slightly airy feeling. The feminine part of the collection features 6 dresses and 2 coats all immersed in creamy pink. The same starchy easy-to-sculpt fabrics flow in vintage cuts that emphasize the waist. 

Stylist: Robbie Spencer
The collection was presented at On/Off in London
video of the show by Pierre Debusschere

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