Fashion Rio Fall/Winter 2009 Report, Part 3. By Glenn Belverio.

Steps smoke 
Above: The runway at Espcaco Fashion reminded me of something out of a '40s musical or a '70s TV variety show–which is to say, I loved it.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Wishing I was still at the beach in Ipanema instead of negotiating a sinus headache here in frigid NYC. Wanted to share some more highlights from Fashion Rio and a few downtime moments, hope you enjoy them.

I liked the string background at APOENA.


Cute, cute, cute!




The New York hipster-inspired looks at AUSLANDER (above) made me smile and reminded me of the denizens of my 2006 book, Confessions from the Velvet Ropes–except the Brazilian version is less abject, more healthy-looking. And did I mention sexier?

Fashion Rio 1 241 

Melk_z_da_11 Melk_z_da_01  

Loved the headpieces at the Melk Z Da show, esp. the Fellini-esque moose antlers and the solid white one which looks like something Steve Strange might have worn to the Blitz club.

Maxi dress 
Meanwhile, back at the ABIT Lounge…(Note the lounge's wooden floor is fashioned after the Portuguese tile waves in Copacabana).

I was really digging all the colorful maxi dresses the Brazilian girls were wearing all over Rio. It's not a trend there, it's a lifestyle thing. North American retailers have been trying to push the maxi dress for a couple of seasons now but U.S. girls just don't get it. I never see girls wearing them in New York. The last time I saw a good maxi-dress look in NY was about 2 or 3 years ago when I freelanced at Girlshop. One of the girls there was wearing her mother's dress from the '70s and it was very Altman's "Nashville"–one of my favorite looks of all time.

Godfrey jean jacket 
Speaking of working a look, I just had to include one of the most talked-about ensembles of Fashion Rio: Godfrey Deeny's shirtless jean jacket look. Are you as speechless as we were?

Santa teresa table 

On the last day of Fashion Rio, Sameer Reddy, Pete Muszik and I decided to take a trip up to Rio's rich hippie 'hood, Santa Teresa, for an exquisite lunch at Aprazivel, a restaurant that makes you feel like your'e dining in an upscale treehouse and which features spectacular views of downtown Rio.


Sacred lamb 

Life's a Banquet: My friend Camille Paglia loves food photos, so these are for her. Above: crab meat topped with ground manioc root; super-succulent "Sacred Lamb" with fresh mint gravy and polenta. Mmmmmmm! This was washed down with a very rare glass of Peverella (Malvasia) Cave Ouvidor '05 made from grapes grown on vines planted in the 1930's. It's a "white" wine but more of an amber color. It was sort of like a drier, less sweeter version of the vin santo (wine of saints or holy wine) I had at a few vineyards in Tuscany back in the early '00s.

Me & Pete 
Above: Me and the aforementioned wine. Pete opted for a strawberry caipiroska (the Soviet Union version of a caipirinha, as it is made with vodka instead of cachaca).

Sameer and his coconut water.

Fashion Rio 2 200 

Heart of palm 
Sameer's spectacular starter was an outsized portion of heart of palm served in a bamboo trough.

That night we made a journey to the vibrant-yet-dodgy 'hood of Lapa for a birthday party at a samba club. I didn't take a lot of photos because I wanted to keep a low profile.

Lapa mirror 
A beautiful art nouveau mirror at the entrance of the samba club

Lapa tee 
Loved this guy's t-shirt

Lapa Carmen 
An autographed photo of Carmen Miranda seems like something no samba club should be without!

Thanks for reading!


Glenn Belverio

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