More photos from my party for Diane Pernet, March 28, 2008. By Glenn Belverio

Diane_sitting Roxanne_and_stephen

Above: Diane takes notes for her upcoming lecture; photographer Roxanne Lowit and hair salon guru Stephen Knoll

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My kitchen still looks like someone blew up a liquor store with an atomic bomb and I’m feeling a bit woozy….but here are some shots from last night. I thought it was pretty legendary. It reminded me of being back at Jackie 60 or Danceteria or Save the Robots and I was so proud to have so many brilliant, creative people in my apartment all at the same time. The East Village may be full of bland yuppies and lackluster NYU students now but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep the bohemian tradition going on my own terms under my own roof.

Diane_and_miguel Crowd Couple Laine_2

When Laine walked in I really felt like I was back at The Pyramid Club or Danceteria circa 1985 (back when I was just a fetus in a jar, carried around New York by Andy Warhol). She wore cardboard-cutouts of Sophia Loren’s hands from a famous Ron Galella photo. Brilliant.


Above: Aric Chen and Nancy Stout; Adrian Cowen of Pleasure Principle gazes into his glass of bourbon. Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke.

Becki_and_chris_teen Dmityr_zaldy_christeen

Above: The girl who edited my book, Becki Heller, and my dear friend Chris Teen. Note that William Klein’s "Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?" is playing on my TV in the background; Dmitry, Chris Teen and Zaldy

Isabel_and_paulius Alejandro

Isabel and Paulius display some commie books in my Mao Zedong Memorial Library; author Alejandro Varderi with my Cultural Revolution alarm clock

Isabel_and_christeen Isabel_and_christeen_2

A Back-in-the-90s reunion: Isabel and Chris Teen haven’t seen each other in over 10 years!

Photog_and_patrick Patrick_and_diane

Because it just isn’t a party without Patrick McDonald. The cute French man, Pascal, was taking photos for Telerama, the magazine with the largest circulation in France.

Johnny_chi_chi_entrance Chi_chi_and_michael

As the night wore on and we switched from Champagne and wine to vodka and bourbon, things became even more legendary. Night club royalty Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti made their entrance. Photographer Michael James O’Brien checked in as well.

Chi_chi_and_christeen Tom_and_isabel

Another 90s reunion: Chris Teen kneels at the feet of Chi Chi Valenti in the VIP Room; Knitwear designer Tom Scott with our friend Isabel

Carlota_and_max Broken_glass

Today’s kids and their lingo: Carlota and Max moments before they "bounced"; The price I pay for refusing to serve drinks in tacky plastic cups: a kitchen floor paved with broken glasses.

Graham_sameer_mao_room Group

The main topic of discussion was Diane’s upcoming appearance at The Met; cool cats from France and Italy.

I’m exhausted. Thanks for reading.


Glenn Belverio