Backstage at Maikel Bongaerts at 080 Barcelona Fashion by Glenn Belverio (with guest commentary by Candy Pratts Price)


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I took some photos backstage at the Mikail Bongaerts show at 080 Barcelona Fashion and have asked style oracle Candy Pratts Price to provide her commentary….

"I love Barcelona. It’s very now. Is it Spain? Is it Catalonia? Nevermind, just go there. Go to the Barri Gotic. The first thing you should do is go to lunch. Go to lunch at Pitarra and bring a gold clutch. Or, slip the gold clutch inside a Coach bag. Order the leg of baby goat–baby goat leather is very now–and then sliiide your gold clutch out of the Coach bag for an "aaahhh" moment. For an even better aahhh moment, bring along a male model from the runway of menswear designer Mikail Bongaerts. New name for you, right?

Take a look at fur for men: always chic, always right, and always, always mandatory. Maybe you want to look at your guy in a white suit or white chinchilla jacket with elbow-length sleeves (above). Not trying to dress him, just saying this is a good look for white.

Backstage_boys_2_2 Backstage_boys_3

Feel like you’re in Nashville? No, you’re still in Spain. Or Catalonia. Whatever. Bongaerts’s beaded suits. I’m thinking Nudie, I’m thinking Manuel, I’m thinking Robert Redford in ‘The Electric Horseman’–but this time it comes with a twist. Add a looooong blue and white chiffon scarf….are you feeling a little Isadora Duncan? I’m feeling Isadora Duncan. You want to be Isadora, LIVE Isadora! Just don’t get too close to a spinning hubcap or you’ll die like Isadora.


The simple elegance of black. Black chinchilla paired with more of that right white. Markets up, markets down, maybe you can’t afford to add the sleeves. A fur jacket with no sleeves? Is it practical? Is it fashion? Nevermind, it’s modern!

Finally, the things I love: the laundry-lined streets of Barceloneta, colorful candies at the Mercat, the mystical madness of Gaudi, the phallic wonder of Torre Agbar, a well-worn marble staircase, Salvador Dali, flowers at breakfast, the crimson-lined bolero, an organza snood….See you next time, Candy."