Dear Shaded Viewers,

On a recent trip to Shanghai, I had the pleasure of traveling with my friend Sally Wu,
who is the fashion consultant for the Royal Ontario Museum’s upcoming
exhibit on contemporary culture in Shanghai.  She took me around to
meet several of the designers whom she’ll be featuring in the show.

Zhang Da in his studio.


You can see more of Zhang Da’s work at his website Parallel Walk

Because rent is still cheap in Shanghai, the trend for independent
designers seems to be to open your own shop and create series of
capsule collections to stock the store.  A lot of the designers I met
didn’t wholesale and the often the garments in their stores were unique

is Wang Yiyang’s store in the old French neighborhood (The French
concession).  Wang Yiyang has two lines.  One under his own name and
another called Zug Zug.  When we visited the store he had all sorts of
really huge padded/quilted garments on display.


(photos by Ariana Lindquist)

Sally trying on clothes with Goa Xin, designer of Even Penniless.

Goa Xin outside his store

The designers of clothing line and store Perk.


One night my photographer friend, Ariana Lindquist, took me to a concert on the outskirts of Shanghai at yuyintang

All of the bands performing that night were in town from Beijing.
Some weren’t necessarily the most original (I think a lot of the bands
in china are still trying to figure out how to synthesize references),
but they made up for it in energy!


Ariana’s photos of band Joyside.  They’re touring Germany soon.

Ariana also just finished a really moving photo expose on the coal mining towns in northern China.  The best is the slide show.