Mario Canal: More Girls…

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,


Here you have more images of Volver, Almodovar’s film that got the prize for best female performance. All the actresses are great in the movie but especially Blanca Portillo, the one with the short hair. She became famous in spain performing in a TV serie -7 Vidas-, but her skills are much bigger than the small screen showed.


This is Blanca Portillo -on the left-. On the right you have another spanish actress famous for her TV appearences.

Also, in this film, one of the all time fetiche actresses of Almodovar -Chus Lampreave, the aunt in Volver- is, as usual, magnificent. Don’t have any images of her, sorry.

These are Penelope Cruz and Johana Cobo. The young girl plays good, but Penelope Cruz is a bit too beautiful for the role…


Penelope doing the Neorrealistic, Anna Magnani way… I love the fake Burberry’s trolley.


Again, she is too physically perfect for the role. But no one can say she is not a good actress.


Here you have Carmen Maura. She was THE Almodovar girl, but they had a huge fight when they went to the Oscars with Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios, in the 80’s. Almodovar decided to invite his travenstite friend – the lovely Bibiana Fernandez-to sit beside him and since then, Carmen Maura and him didn’t even speak to each other.


So, the Volver thing -return- speaks not only about the film, but also the return of Almodovar to his homeland, Castilla la Mancha, the return of Penelope Cruz and the return of Carmen Maura.
For me, Volver means also the return of the talent of the spaniard filmmaker -who also got the prize in Cannes for his scenarios-.


P.S.- Congratulations also to the jury and it’s president, Wong Kar Wai, for giving another collective prize to the male actors.