Mario Canal: I Love Formula1

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,


My dad used to take me to the Formula1 and bike races when I was a kid in Madrid. He even had a beautiful green Benelli motorbike which he gave me a ride on to the school. You can imagine that I was very popular…
I still love motor sports -I am kind of Marinetti and Futurismo lover too-, despite that, I can’t drive even a bicycle. When I am in Madrid I gather with my friends to watch F1. We started a couple of years ago, when Fernando Alonso started to win races and Shumacher started to loose his kaiser title in favor of the spaniard. Before, it was too boring to see Ferrari winning all the time.
Now it’s more exciting. Every two sundays I find the closest bar in the city where I am and stick my eyes to the TV. And if there’s a race I would not miss that’s Monaco, at Montecarlo’s Grand Prix.
It’s the only circuit placed in the middle of a city so the images are very spectacular. The photos I am posting are not, but well, the screen was to high and bla bla bla.
Anyway, Alonso won again. And Montoya -a nice colombian guy, my other favorite driver- was second. Poor Kimi Raikkonen broke his engine, as Webber did too. They were second and third at the moment so I can imagine they felt bit disappointed.
This is Kimi leaving the course.


This guy is a great driver, but is not lucky at all. His silver arrow reminds me of Mazinger Z, it’s my favorite vehicle of the F1. But he has probably fucked the championship as much as his engine on this race. The amount of points of Alonso is now huge. Anything can happen but the spaniard is a very good pilot and the Renault 2006 is a great car.
Also Michael Shummacher has lost almost all chances to stop Alonso from winning again the championship as he tried to cheat everybody yesterday on the trainings: he stopped his car in the middle of the course to avoid Alonso doing the fastest lap and the pole position, so he was penalized and started the race in the last position -20th-. Still, he ended the fifth, he did a very good race. Next time don’t be that smart, Schummi. People are not that stupid.
Well, what else can I say, congratulations, Fernando. And as I say with my friend Pelayo, Puxa Asturies!