Mario Canal: Fashion kills (but doesn’t fatten)

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,
Ramon Fano is the fashion editor of Neo2 magazine and long time friend. Is not for this that I consider him the best and most creative spanish journalist of our generation. He is. I tell you.
Now he has just published a book, "La moda mata (pero no engorda)": "Fashion kills (but doesn’t fatten)". The book is a funny and acid view on spain’s fashion world. It’s written as a diary and the alter ego of Ramon is Mongomeri, an addict to fashion, work and coke. Once you start it you can’t stop reading and laughing -you should see the faces of people on me, at the subway: they thought I was crazy-.
It’s probably going to be a bestseller here as long as he speaks about everybody -sorry, not published abroad yet, and only available on spanish-. I bet you that spaniard fashionistas are looking for their names like crazy to see how they look on words.


This is the cover, sorry about the quality. The publishing house is and the person who did this book possible is Isabel Ya