I received an email today from “PayPal” which is actually from some scumbags trying to pull an Internet fast one. The sender’s address was “security@online.com” but in my In box, the sender reads only as “PayPal.” If you receive an email that looks like it came from PayPal asking you to confirm your identity, it’s probably a fraud. These fools are pretty crafty too, as the email looks nearly identical to the font and style of PayPal.


However, if you click on the link, it takes you to another PayPal-looking page (but look at the bullshit URL) that asks for your user name and password. Notice that none of the other links work.

I know of a director here in Los Angeles who fell for the fraud. After he hit “send,” he thought something was fishy. He called his bank and sure enough, his credit card had just been billed $ 800.

(I can hear the shrieking now… GLOBAL PANIC AT LAPTOPS THE WORLD OVER!!!! HONEY, CALL THE BANK!!!!!!!!!!!)

But I’m really telling you this as I know you’re all going to need that extra dough to get me that side-by-side TV / bathtub combo that I deserve. Wong Kar Wai is waiting….

Dino Dinco
Los Angeles