the end of Miami…by Mario Canal

First of all, I want to apologyze for a mistake I did on my last post. It’s about Murakami. The work displayed at Kakai Kiki gallery – was not his buy Mahomi Kunikata. I show you more of her stuff.


These are sexy little pieces of sushi. She was inspired to do this when she saw a sexy shaped lighter in a souvenir shop in Yokohama -where right now the Trienal is going on, hope I reach it in my next trip to Tokyo-.

I also found funny this pair of plattform flip-flops…


…and these live size welcome dolly girls…Muneca

Well, today is sunday noon here in Miami and my plane is leaving in a coulpe of hours so I better rush. I list in a row some images I liked from the main fair:


Keeping on with dolls, here you have these gothic barbies made by movie maker John Waters.


Above, you have an image by Thomas Ruff. I adore his new serie. I saw it at Venice last summer and for me it was one of the best things over there.

And, well. I don’t know why but there are Donald Judd’s all over. Never saw such an amount of them in a fair, what of course I love. I’d buy them all.


This endless luggage transportation thing was very nice. It turned from time to time and was like a nice idea of infiniti, or something. I mean, I could have it in my living room…if I’d have a big one.


Also, at the fair you could find some interesting art works made out of words, something that I like. This one is from a portuguese gallery.


Of course, as I already told you, painting is back. Witch was an obvious an predictible thing after the recent overdose of installations, video and photo. Here you have a couple of examples that painting is -and always was- good.


This one is for Dino Dinco:


And this one is for you all:


Another urgent message from Art Basel Miami. It’s at the entrance of the Convention Center. As I told you, I love text art.


As I wanted to stay away from lonely places, I spent a big part of my time hunging around with the girls from M&M Proyectos, a Puerto Rican project that where just giving away the catalogues of their latest event made, giving away good coffee and tons of charm.

This is their booze at the fair.


The funny thing is that luckily they had a room behind the stand for their own, so we could smoke and relax and do nothing there. It was like my resort at the fair.

You can see the door of the backroom opened  on your left. You can also see that they took the floor rug away… Very good idea.


Well, and now I really have to leave. Let me see if I have time later on to send you more things when I am the lounge of the airport.

Last one image.


Very last one image, an Hommage to the Workers. The bag check desk ladies where really sweet.