MIAMI-BASEL by Mario Canal

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,

What can I say… an art fair is an art fair, ok? That means a massive amount of art works, lots of parties and good fun. Here in Miami-Basel there’s also the NADA art fair. It’s the paralell and alternative salon where you find the young and fresh galleries. It’s placed on the design district of Miami, where two nights ago there was this big party proudly hosted by Jeffrey Deitch from Deitch Projects -NYC-. He was showing good staff from the big apple, like As Four -they send you a big kiss, Diane-, Scott Hug -K48 magazine-, and more… I left my camera at the hotel so I can’t show you -sorry for that-.

But, what I show you now are things from NADA, witch for me is far more ineteresting than the main fair. Not that much dark suits and ties, you know… And thanks god no rug.


At the entrance of NADA, Olivier -my best friend and 19th photo collector, left tong- and I, we met Agustin Perez Rubio -right tong-, chief curator of MUSAC Museum –– , at Leon, back in Spain. It’s a really good art center -they gave me a grant to develope an experimental magazine a couple of years ago, so I can’t say anything bad about them-. What’s true is that they have a great collection of now art. Check the web site and see.

Actually, I was very happy when MUSAC bought a piece by Marc Bijl, an artist from Rotterdam that I love. This is a piece by him…


And then Bijl himself in front of two of his pictures…


He works with Upstream Gallery, in Berlin, just like spanish artist Pepo Salazar. You saw Pepo already  in my last post, now see his work:


There are a lot of drawings and paintings on the Fair -in every fair: oil and canvas are striking back, sorry for you photographers-. Actually, in this japanese gallery based at NYC -witch name I didn’t write down-, they where painting life. See the stuff by Takashi Murakami they showed at NADA. It was funny.


Here you have Murakami’s coleague painting this manga style picture…


…and here you have me with Murakami.


Let me show you also the work by Superflex –, a collective that were giving free beer -as in free speech- and selling sets to do your own beer.


I love free beer and this one was really good.


Heated by the beer I kept scrolling NADA art fair and saw a few nice thigs that now a share with you:


Pieces in ceramic are great, this little deer was cute and next sculpture was a good strong thing, I believe…


One more lost generation kinda ceramic piece:


This is a funny poster. Do you see the red line below? Well, they are red dots. It’s probably the Fair bestseller.


I also love neons and light works…


Down here you have Brinco sneakers. They are specially made for inmigrans to jump the walls and boarders -brinco means hop in spanish-. I found it very interesting as long as I am very into art dealing with social and political issues.


Spanish -mexican?- artist Minerva Cuevas, image below, also works with this kind of subjects – Here she is showing this giant size bills.


Well, at the time my friends where really pushing me to go back to South Beach, it was getting dinner time and they wanted to go to little Havana, the cuban neigbourhood, but I decided to have a salad with Edward -Air de Paris-, then we went to Le Baron -oficial night meeting point where you find all the frenchy peolpe: from Guillaume of Pressing agency to artist an lovely guy Bruno Peinado-. We ended playing pool with Edward’s girlfriend and it was good fun. Tonight, we’ll see. It’s the Purple party.

Now, let me go back to the main Fair and take some pictures for you that I will blog next.


P.S.- Wow, Diane. Blogging is a real full time job. I really thank you for doing this everyday, I just think that people should know the -not sponsored- effort you do.