Then, yesterday it was the opening of the fair. I thought I was going to see a lot of good stuff but well, not much amazing things going on. I am still working on the best of the best for you to see, just wait a bit.

First person I met lining for my VIP pass was, surprisely, Cristina Lucas, spaniard artist, friend and girlfriend of the last Passage Souterrain guest creator Fernando Sanchez Castillo. She works with Juana de Aizpuru gallery back in Madrid. Let me show you the picture of Cristina -right- and dealers.3_1

Behind this lovely three girls -sorry Juana, next time I’ll take a better portrait of you- you can barely see an image by french photographer Pierre Gonnord. He took an incredible image of Diane Pernet for Neo2 magazine a few months ago…


I also met Joep Van Lieshout from Atelier Van Lieshout. His work is soooooooooo god and sooooooo funny -very well known too-, and the guy himself is also a really nice person. We chatted a little bit waiting for the fair to open and then met him again that evening in an instalation in the middle of a green space. You’ll see the image later, it’s such a nice piece. Have you ever seen an apartment in the middle of no where? I can’t wait, this is the img:Aptcity

This was taken by night but let me keep on telling you about the day opening: having a fag with Cristina Lukas at the entrance of the Cenvention Center -where the fair goes on- we met Pepo Salazar, an excelent basque artist, and girlfriend -also artist and daughter of gallery owner Luis Adelantado, who’s opening a space here in Miami, just like Emanuel Perrotin-. I am sorry about Olga because she broke a leg of her feet. Bad luck. About Pepo, you should know more about his work, which I love Pepoolga

In the fair, Vissionaire magazine has a stand, it’s the Taste Bar and there was Jenny Holzer giving interviews. Well, for me Jenny Holzer is one of the best -as I proved again last Venice Biennal-. She is the one in the middle.



I also took a picture of the girl from Uovo magazine. Diane and I met her at Barcelona when they presented their 10th issue. For me, Uovo is one of the best mags around the world.Uovo 

Oops, sorry. This image should be right vertical. Hope you don’t hurt your neck.

Again, by night I went for the Art Positions Opening. They are 20 containers by the beach. One gallery by transport container and one artist by gallery. Beside Air the Paris with M/M Paris you find Valerie Cueto showing Vick Vidor and… well, I forgot the third french gallery showing but you could find the great Peres Projects from L.A. and much more. I couldn’t get tons of images because I went out of battery on my camera. But I will show you. I promise.

This is the guy from Peres Projects:Peres_projects

On the street I also saw one of the pieces from Ugo Rondinone that I love.


After this paralell event I went to the opening of Le Baron here in Miami. I put all the images in a row:


This is the Dj -name forgotten but playing funny americana music- and Le Baron host. By the way, yesterday 2manyDjs played and I missed it: 2manythings going on…

More peolpe at Le Baron:Baronpeople


I think the guy above is from Fischerspooner but dont’ trust me. He looked really cool and didn’t want to, like, hey, whats your name?


The guy on the right is Benjamin Moreau, who works with Samuel Boutruche at and also hosts Le Baron.

And to finish this first day review, an image I can’t help showing you. Sodomy

Well, hope you enjoy this light review. I promise I send you more stuff while imrpove my blogging skills.