Filep Motwary reports from Athens, Greece

Dear Shaded Viewers, last night I was invited to the Diesel Fashion Show and Party. Special Quest was Dj Tasty Tim directly from London.

Tasty Tim and Filep at the Diesel Party in Athens

There was also a great installation on RUSSIAN inhouse deco and also the most fashionable athens crowd. The show was about to start at 22:00 but it was one hour late due to the finals basketball game that was on television and of course the Greeks wouldnt move unless the game was over.
Finally the show started.

Maria Pagrigorio with Maria Maneta and the blond is Stellar

Appart from the clothes of Diesel that we all know, I was impressed by the music they played for the modells to walk…Born in the Usa/Bruce Springsteen etc..
I was allready half drunk by the amazing Mojito drinks that were served..


DionisisChariart and Metropoulos

After the show ended, the unique Londonese Dj Tasty Tim, started playing her music the way she only knows best. Everybody started dancing waving the maragas that were also given as a present…

Filep Motwary