David Norbury and DP in the 80’s

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Back in the 80’s David Norbury of Norbury & Osuna were New York’s star designers. We took our first flight to Tokyo together. Before the trip David used to think that I was pretentious, probably I thought the same about him. Neither of us are and before the plane even landed in Japan we were fast friends. He sent this memory of our past today.Karen Binns, who I profiled on the site a few days ago, used to work for them.


This might have been taken in Tokyo, I remember that he wore that jacket on the trip but then again it might be at a club called Area or the Mudd Club or Danceteria. We used to go out a lot in those days.

Later, Diane

P.S. That might not have been a holiday photo but it was a real trip for me. Thanks David.

Diane Pernet

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