Tue 12/04/2005 09:40 Image(496)
Tue 12/04/2005 09:40 Image(496)

Today was my first time in a shooting gallery. I was there working on the film for one of the designers participating in the festival d"Hyeres, David Gil. It was quite an interesting day between the nude with the gun and the girl inside a big balloon. Dan, the DP on the shoot, took one shot at the target and did pretty well, I could have done the same but was not so sure if the kick of the gun would make me lose my balance so I declined. The model, Aurore, had been shooting since she was 8 so she was quite in control of her wepon.


I will be going to Hyeres next week to do the making of  and will arrive at the same time as the designers so I will try and life blog you an image or two per day.If you visit the Hyeres site you will see all the great people, photographers and designers, that are participating in the 20th anniversary event and you  might want to think about going there yourselves. Take care, Diane


Diane Pernet

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