ANDREA CREWS “Hors Pistes” @ Centre Pompidiou, post by Alex Murray-Leslie, photos by Faustine Kopiejwski



Dear Shaded Viewers,

The cutting-edge, queen of recycled fashion, has set up her temporary
laboratory @ Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidiou, to create a new
collection, anything from Bless to Chanel is there on the cutting table, ready for new life!


Artist: Maroussia Rebecq AKA Andrea Crews

28 Feb, 6pm Andrea Crews performance fashion show; "Hors Pistes", including a snow storm and naked girls running in gold survival

Hors Pistes, February 19th to 28th 2010 at the Pompidou Centre, Paris,

Andrea Crews

  • guys! I see they do a great job! Someday I would love to be a fashion designer! I love fashion and I love the style .. design Mcqueen rest in peace! the fashion wonder this icon!

  • I know the queen of recycle fashion will do a great job in breathing new life, shape and form into everything on the table.

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  • Hey great post! I love fashion! And seen these photos the people working on new dresses and beads makes me imagine working on a place like this. Keep up the good work and also keep posting.

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    The first picture. I don’t know male that It would wear clothes like that. because they don’t look good.

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