Black Heart by Ada Bligaard Soby

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ada Bligaard Soby sent me her film a little while ago and I’ve watched it again and again. I love the characters, the way they are filmed, the use of the archival footage and above all the NYC energy that pours out of the film.





The film it’s premiere in Copenhagen on October 23rd at Dagmar Theater
The film is also selected for Competition at CPH:DOX film festival 2008.



Diane Pernet

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  • Kei

    sorry this is not a comment to BLACK HEART BY ADA BLIGAARD SOBY….
    hello Diane, i watch your blog over a year, just want to let you know tonight is my school fashion show Day 1 in hong kong, so happy!

  • seems like i’ve been to late with this

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  • I haven’t see it yet, but I hear that it’s very good one, the script it’s good as what I hear from periodist.
    Thanks for share, I will download it now.

  • I didn’t saw that film… I couldn’t find it even on internet, I don’t know who else can I ask for it… do you have a link or something ?